The 2nd International Conference on Engineering and Advanced Technology

Dear Researchers,
It is an honor to invite you to submit your excellence research paper for our upcoming conference ICEAT 2nd at 28 March 2022. The need for integrative approaches as a key to reinvigorating and integrating both teaching and learning is increasingly recognized in the academy. It is becoming increasingly clear that research is interdisciplinary. Our Journal is interested to promote interdisciplinary research in the world, to promote the exchange of thoughts, and to bring together researchers and academics from all the countries

The Conference organized by : University Al-Qadisiyah and University of  Mustansiriyah in collaboration with Hacettepe University. The objective of the conference is to gather leading academicians, scholars and researchers from the above universities and all universities to share their knowledge and new ideas as well as to discuss current  development in the fields. In addition, the conference also offers opportunities for academicians andindustry experts to meet and interact with local and international participants. The(ICEAT) is an international refereed conference dedicated to the advancement of the theory and practices in engineering, advanced technology, and applied sciences. This conference promotes collaboration among scholars, researchers and professionals in academia from all over the world

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